ouroboros7 harmful smile
In the kingdom of Flanders, follow the happy life of the daughter of a Duke. Ayleen small intolerant and cruel plague, his favorite game is to hurt others. His father is a pervert, his mother an idiot. On her way she will meet many strange people. This story may suit everyone before chapter 54 Some scenes are erotic while advancing in the storie so for the youngest, this is perhaps not appropriate...
AnimeSmile The New me
What if someday you wake up back in your teens but with a different identity? What will you do? Live and forget your past or try to get back? Follow Iris Lin’s decision after transmigrating to a younger body. ***** Just comment if you see some errors I'll edit it. Thanks! *****
Arota With You, Without You
Rishika, who has managed to survive from several death lucks, but not saving her from a severe and smashing trauma, meets Rohan, an organized and simple wealthy boy, who too carried a dark past. They both are different, but similar in a way.

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