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savoirfaireimage > Medical Master > Chapter 959 - No. 1 Below the Level of Guru!
Chapter 959 No. 1 Below the Level of Guru!

“Great Hand of Destruction!” He shouted in his heart.

Fang Qiu waved his right hand.

When Mo Yilang tried to attack him fiercely again, he instantly drew all the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth and condensed it into a huge palm in front of him!

“Hmm?” Mo Yilang’s face changed. He widened his eyes and immediately mobilized all his energy, trying to break John Doe’s move head-on!

“Buzz, buzz…” But right at this moment, there was a sudden buzz like the air blowing.

As this voice was heard, the huge palm that condensed in front of Fang Qiu suddenly began to shrink.

It became smaller and smaller.

In the blink of an eye, it shrank to the size of an ordinary palm.

“Whoos.h.!.+” Fang Qiu slapped in the air.

The energy palm, which was condensed from a lot of energy and was now as big as an ordinary palm, suddenly flew through the air like an arrow leaving the bow. With a harsh air-breaking sound, it collided with Mo Yilang’s fierce attack heavily.

It was like a sharp needle piercing through the gla.s.s.

“Crack!” A crisp sound was heard.

The energy palm pierced through Mo Yilang’s powerful energy blow as if it didn’t meet any resistance and hit heavily on Mo Yilang’s chest.

“Bang!” There was a loud bang.

Mo Yilang’s old and weak body was directly sent flying like a kite with a broken string the moment he was. .h.i.t by the energy palm.

“Puff…” Before he landed on the ground, Mo Yilang couldn’t help but open his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing this, everyone on the scene was stunned.

“This move!” Yun Yangzi’s eyes suddenly widened. He clearly remembered that when he fought with John Doe, he was defeated by this move. But now when he thought about it carefully, John Doe’s move was obviously several times stronger than it was when he fought with him!

Fang Qiu stood still and gently let out a breath.

It was not good for him to fight with Mo Yilang, so he didn’t want the battle to drag on for too long because he had just suppressed the surging internal Qi in his meridians. If the internal Qi that had been suppressed surged again because of the fierce battle, it would be troublesome.

In addition, given that he had fought with Lin Rusheng before and consumed too much of his energy, the only way for him to end this battle quickly was to employ the Great Hand of Destruction!

Although his internal Qi was almost exhausted, he could still use the Great Hand of Destruction!

He could borrow the Qi of Heaven and Earth!

This was his trump card!

The outcome turned out to be what he expected.

“Elder Mo.” When Mo Yilang fell to the ground, several people suddenly rushed out of the crowd. They held up Mo Yilang, who had fallen down and vomited blood and then left without delay.

Of course, Fang Qiu didn’t stop them. He simply watched the old man being taken away.

Although there was something wrong with Mo

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