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Chapter 2360 Good Things Come in Pairs

“The lid hasn’t even been opened yet, but the pill tribulation has locked onto it. Demonic pills really are special.”

Long Chen was surprised to see the tribulation clouds suddenly appear. Normally, pill tribulation only came when the lid to the furnace was opened. That was when the pill would be sensed. But the demonic pill had yet to fully form and it had already been sensed.

Thunder rumbled in the sky, and the furnace was shaking violently. Fortunately, Ling-er’s skills had grown, and the lid didn’t budge. The pill had yet to fully form, so if it charged out now, its quality would plummet.

Bang! Finally, a loud sound came from within the furnace that made Ling-er cry out in delight. “It’s done!”

Long Chen said, “Release it.”

The lid opened, and a large pill shot out. It had seven bright rings on top of it.

This was a giant pill that had condensed the energy of nine pills inside of it. It was the size of a baby’s fist.

When it shot out of the furnace, the first thing it did was charge at Long Chen.

Long Chen slapped the pill away, but he was forced back a step from the impact, his arm trembling.

“What power is that? Why is it so familiar?” Long Chen was startled.

Lightning suddenly fell from the sky, striking the giant pill. The might of the pill then erupted to another level, and it began to absorb the lightning.

With the lightning coursing through it, Long Chen saw its black and white core.

“Life and death energy. It’s the energy of the Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit.”

All on its own, the giant pill began to absorb the lightning, stimulating its own potential. With the life and death energy flowing through it, it really was like a cultivator.

“Big brother Long Chen, the giant pill you refined is actually capable of cultivating!” exclaimed Ling-er.

Long Chen smiled. This was a Nethergate Pill. How could it not be strong? The stronger it was, the happier he would be.

The giant pill suddenly shuddered. It transformed into a giant python that attacked him, and its scales flashed with light.

“The Heavenly Qilin Horn Python.” This was one of the main ingredients of the Nethergate Pill. The Heavenly Qilin Horn Python opened its mouth and unleashed a wave of golden flames at him.

Long Chen allowed the flames to envelop his body. Feeling the familiar heat, he nodded. “It really is amazing. The Heavenly Qilin Horn Python’s flame was boosted by the power of the demonic pill to the point of rivaling the Heaven Incinerating Flame.”

The Heavenly Qilin Horn Python was a flame attribute Magical Beast but was only of the eleventh rank. Its flame wasn’t supposed to be this powerful, but the demonic pill allowed it to compare to the existence that was third on the Earth Flame Rankings.

Suddenly, a tail whipped through the flames at Long Chen. A sharp whistling sound made his hair stand on end.

Long Chen’s fist smashed into the tail, but he was still blown out of the flames.

“Good!” Long Chen wiped some blood from his mouth, his eyes s.h.i.+ning. A demonic pill was truly worthy of being a legendary existence. It was capable of injuring him.

The Heavenly Qilin Horn Python suddenly roared and twisted, transforming into a wild lion that sent a claw toward him.

“The Earth Splitting Wild Lion’s essence blood. Hehe, pretty good.”

This giant pill was actually able to control the attributes of the precious ingredients that had gone into it. It was even able to unleash the divine abilities they had possessed when they were alive.

Long Chen repeatedly blocked, with the pill constantly transforming. Sometimes it would be a giant python, sometimes it would be a wild lion. Sometimes it summoned various bewitching phenomena to bewilder him. What shocked him the most was that as its life and death energy circulated, it began to copy Long Chen’s abilities.

It was like it was gaining battle experience f

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