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Chapter 764 - Sacrifice

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Thus, Sheng Ren tricked Lian Hua to the Southeast Land’s Youshan region.

Waiting for him was a sacrificial ceremony that frightened his soul. Those martial uncles who treated him kindly, those Spirit Sect people who respectfully called him “Lian Hua Immortal Venerable”, those people he was familiar or unfamiliar with, they had all changed their faces.

It was as if they were now wearing cold and crazy masks, or just tearing off the masks that they had worn for a long time.

They surrounded him and looked at him indifferently as he was offered on a high platform. There was an endless hole in the dark sky, surrounded by a half-collapsed Pillar of Heaven. These famous figures who had already become famous joined forces and actually chanted mantras to sacrifice him as the new Pillar of Heaven, without Lian Hua understanding anything.

Lian Hua was scared to death. He struggled and screamed. However, even though he was furious, he couldn’t move. Even though he kept crying, no one came to help and save him. He couldn’t find Master, s.h.i.+xiong, or s.h.i.+di, or a single person who’d stand on his side. He despaired.

But he didn’t want to accept his fate.

He hadn’t told Cang Rong yet that he had always liked him, and he hadn’t taken Lingyu to eat at the wonton stall that he had been thinking about for a long time. He hadn’t finished the homework a.s.signed to him by Dao Zu, and he hadn’t traveled all over the famous mountains and rivers of the Nine Lands yet. He still had so many things to do, and he didn’t want to die so tragically.

He didn’t want to die.

He wanted to live.

However, no one came to save him until his consciousness gradually disappeared and his body grew colder and colder from the biting pain.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes grew red.

He watched Lian Hua lose his voice, his body disappearing, and his three souls and seven spirits slowly being integrated into the Pillar of Heaven. He hated those hypocrites who were willing to sacrifice others for the so-called righteousness.

Before this, Yan Tianhen only knew that Lian Hua suffered a great deal, but he didn’t see with his own eyes the humiliation and injury that Lian Hua suffered. Now, he saw it with his own eyes.

It broke his heart.

Finally, someone heard Lian Hua’s painful cry, and it was Cang Rong and Xi He who first discovered that something was wrong.

But after seeing this, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t continue watching.

The scene in the pocket dimension suddenly s.h.i.+fted to another place, which was Youshan, the place where Heaven’s Wail formed because of the collapse of the Pillar of Heaven.

Yan Tianhen looked up at Lin Xuanzhi. “Why did you change to this location?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “After that, I personally experienced everything over there. Cang Rong called me back to save Lian Hua with him. Lian Hua forgot all about being sacrificed. Master and we agreed that there was no need for

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