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Chapter 560: 560

Chapter 560: Apology!

Next day.

Morning, 8.30 am.

Dong Xuebing glanced at Li Zhi Restaurant as he drove past on his way to Guang Ming Subdistrict Office.

“Look, Director Dong is here.”

“Have you all seen it on your way to work?”

“Yes. Li Zhi Restaurant’s electricity is not resumed.”

“Served them right. That restaurant’s Boss had asked for it.”

“That’s right. It’s been a day. Let’s wait and see what he will do.”

“Eh, do you think the blackout will last one day? They had paid their electrical bills.”

“I think it will not end if he doesn’t bow down. That is not our Director’s style.”

“I agree with you.”

“What is our Director’s style?”

All Guang Ming Subdistrict Office staff are united and had been talking about yesterday’s incident. Their subdistrict and Ping An Subdistrict had clashed several times, but the former Director was a pushover. He was suppressed by Geng Xinke and did not achieve any outstanding results. He is too ‘soft,’ and Dong Xuebing is the opposite. Guang Ming Subdistrict Office became a tiger after he arrived and started attacking anyone who dared to offend him. This sudden change made all the staff speechless.

Party Secretary Office.

Dong Xuebing is going through the pile of doc.u.ments on his desk.

Knock, knock. Zhou Yanru entered. “Director, have you taken your breakfast?”

“Not yet.” Dong Xuebing smiles. “I worked up late and didn’t have time.”

Zhou Yanru placed a few plastic bags of food on the desk. “I saw your car pa.s.sing by the breakfast stall this morning, and I guess you must have skipped your breakfast. So, I brought some for you. These are local products from my husband’s hometown. It’s some snacks, and you can have them. I will leave these here.”

“Ah, I can’t finish everything. You can just give me half of it.”

“My husband had bought a lot, and I will be giving out to my staff later.”

“Alright. I will give some to my mother.” Dong Xuebing looks at the snacks, and it is not expensive. Zhou Yanru will not bring expensive staff to the workplace as there will be gossips. But Dong Xuebing felt it was not right for him to accept these gifts, as she had bought groceries for him the last time. He opened his drawer and took out two cartons of Zhong Hua cigarettes. “Give these to your husband.”

When Zhou Yanru was about to reject, w.a.n.g Yuling entered the office. “Director… Eh, Sister Zhuo?”

Dong Xuebing looks at her. “Director w.a.n.g, you are here at the right time.”

w.a.n.g Yuling looks at the two cartons of Zhong Hua cigarettes in Zhou Yanru’s hands.

Dong Xuebing took out another two cartons of Fu Rong cigarettes and gave them to w.a.n.g Yuling. “I bought too many cigarettes. These two cartons are for you.”

w.a.n.g Yuling was surprised. “I don’t smoke….”

Dong Xuebing interrupted. “Give it to your boyfriend then. Take it.”

w.a.n.g Yuling smiles and accepts it. “Ok. Thank you. These are expensive cigarettes.”

Zhou Yanru saw w.a.n.g Yuling accepting the cigarettes, and she accepted it too.

These four cartons cost at least 2,000 RMB. Their families seldom smoke such expensive cigarettes unless during Lunar New Year or special occasions. They did not expect Dong Xuebing to give out four cartons of expensive cigarettes. It seems he is very wealthy. Dong Xuebing does not know he has so many cigarettes in his drawer. These are not given to him as gifts and are all bought by him. After his a.s.set grew to a few hundred million, he stopped monitoring his expenditure. Sometimes when he forgets his cigarette, he will buy one or two cartons. He did not notice that he had kept so many cartons in his drawer.

Zhou Yanru and w.a.n.g Yuling thanked Dong Xuebing for the cigarettes.

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Director w.a.n.g, are you looking for me?”

Dong Xuebing will address them as Director Zhou and Director w.a.n.g when they are discussing work.

w.a.n.g Yulin

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