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Chapter 1887 - Father of Xia (2)

“It seems that something regretful has happened between you and Qingyue,” Xia Hongyi commented ruefully.

Yun Che had addressed him using a different appellation. He also seemed to be much more distant than before. Finally, he had avoided saying Xia Qingyue’s name at all, referring to her as “she” or “her” only.

The odd behavior hadn’t escaped Xia Yuanba or Xia Hongyi’s notice.

“Five years ago, we ended our marriage and relations.h.i.+p because our ‘beliefs’ were misaligned. Moreover, I wasn’t able to notify Uncle Xia about it sooner due to the circ.u.mstances that were in play at the time.”

Yun Che explained in the most indifferent and reserved tone he could muster.

“I see.” Xia Hongyi shot Yun Che a long look, but didn’t press him to explain what exactly he meant by “misaligned beliefs”. Instead, he moved onto a different topic.

“Che’er, I would be lying if I said that I’m not curious about what really happened between you and Qingyue, but I’m aware that some things are too private even for an elder to ask about, so I won’t. Instead, I will ask you to tell me the whole truth about another matter.”

Yun Che knew what he wanted to ask about. “Ask away, Uncle Xia.”

“Five years ago after you left for the G.o.d Realm, you apparently told Yuanba that Qingyue had found her mother… was it true?”

For the first time, there was a slight tremor in Xia Hongyi’s voice.

Yun Che nodded without hesitation. “That is correct. In fact, she found her not long after she was teleported to the G.o.d Realm by accident. Since then, she stayed by her side.”

Xia Hongyi unconsciously leaned forward as if he was afraid to miss a single word. His larynx started trembling non-stop, and his peaceful gaze suddenly turned chaotic. “Is… is she doing okay?”

Chi Wuyao: “...”

The sudden loss of self-control, the heartbeat that sounded like it might jump out of his chest at any moment… he hadn’t even mentioned Yue Wugou’s unfortunate pa.s.sing yet, but Xia Hongyi’s reaction was already a million times greater than it was before!

Surprise flashed in Yun Che’s eyes, but he continued to tell the truth, “Unfortunately, she pa.s.sed away as early as eight years ago.”


For a second, it sounded like someone had brought a sledgehammer to Xia Hongyi’s heart. Then, his heart stopped beating as if the organ had experienced a total failure.

Chi Wuyao: “...”

A deep frown crossed Yun Che’s features as he asked the stiffened Xia Hongyi, “Uncle Xia?”

Xia Hongyi’s lips turned from pale red to deathly white in just a moment. His complexion was whitening at a terrifying rate as well.

“Dead… dead… dead…”

He sounded like he was in complete despair. He crumbled from his seat as if his bones had been plucked from his body.

Yun Che immediately caught him with a gentle gust of profound energy. He also injected some soul energy into the old man’s body to soothe his collapsed mind.

“Uncle Xia, she has been in the world of ultimate bliss for eight years. Please don’t be too sorrowful,” Yun Che consoled. He still didn’t know how to address Yue Wugou, so he didn’t try.

“Dead… dead…”

Contrary to popular belief, a person was incapable of tears when they were mired in such deep sorrow that they lost feeling in their facial features and even the faculty of their minds. In Xia Hongyi’e case, Yun Che’s consoling words might as well have gone right through his ears. The man had been reduced to little but gla.s.sy eyes and heart-wrenching murmurs.

He had never let go despite thirty some years of separation.

His sorrow and misery had never faded, only hidden behind a calm and elegant bearing.

Chi Wuyao’s devilish eyes flashed black, and Xia Hongyi’s mind was put back together by force.

Even then, there was nothing she could do about the shocking amount of sorrow that was ravaging his insides.

When Xia Hongyi’s eyes had regained their focus, and

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